A point I intend to hammer repeatedly: career environmentalist want you to be poorer. Europe’s organizing of the ants that they politely refer to as citizens continues apace. The Dutch want you to pay by the kilometer for your driving. They’ll monitor your commuting habits with GPS devices. You will pay the government if you drive too much. All in the name of controlling your carbon footprint. The Dutch approach has a bit of novelty to it, but the Brits would just assume use a sledgehammer: you’ll get carbon credits to be used for any form of transportation and then you can buy more, assuming you can afford it. But they assure us that the bankers won’t get away with living lavishly (though I’m going to bet the same won’t be said for your average MP). No, I’m not kidding, a guy with the title “Lord” was prattling on about the lavish life style of those boorish bankers.

A semi-related aside: Let’s say that Bush and Cheney were as bad as their hyperventilating critics say they were. They had all these vast tentacles building up a fascist empire until Saint Barrack arrived. You ever think that, while relaxing at George’s ranch after a day of shooting at Mexicans and puppies, they look at news reports like these and think to themselves how utterly unimaginative they were:

Darth Sidious Cheney: You mean, we could have GPS monitors in peoples’ cars and know exactly where everyone goes and when and even tracked their expenses on things like plane tickets and such, all in the name of the “environment”?

W: And the best you came up with was snooping around in frickin’ library cards? And we get skewered for that!  I always knew you didn’t make it past the first chapter of Rummy’s copy of “Fascism for Dummies.” I guess Senator Kerry was right. They really are smarter in Europe.