I know I’m stealing a few bases here, but how can I resist? CNN reporter sought out a shirt that shows Obama as Mao and is for sale in China. I’m guessing its meant as a compliment. I don’t know. But, after she haggles with Chinese police who didn’t want the shirt broadcasts for fear offending Americans (at least THEY know how it SHOULD be viewed) she was able to hang onto the shirt so she could report on it. Then she says:

“They wanted our press cards, our passports, but most of all, they wanted the shirt,” she said. “Finally, they let us go. Phew!”

Chang refused to surrender the offending shirt and joked that a number of jealous White House and CNN colleagues had tried to “bribe” her for it.

Did they want the shirt because they thought the shirt was a nice complement? Or was it an offensive collectors item (like say, an original Nazi flag)? And was she talking about White House staff or White House correspondents. I’m sure she’d refer to both as colleagues, regardless. They are on the same team after all.