Quick hit thoughts on Sarah Palin

1. I root for her, primarily because of the people who root against her.

2. Given her back story, if she had a (D) after her name instead of an (R), there would be competing made for TV movies produced by ABC and Lifetime in which she plays the heroic small town girl who does the Mr. Smith goes to Washington routine.

3. I have never seen such blatant character assassination. I’ve thought long and hard and I can’t come up with anyone attacked so vociferously, so quickly and so unfairly. People keep saying she’s an idiot enough and it becomes conventional wisdom even though she never had a chance to prove otherwise.

4. And until the unedited video is released, I won’t factor in the Katie Couric interview into that.

5. I still think the primary strike against her is her quitting the governor’s mansion. Can she play king maker on the political scene? Sure she can and good for her if she does. But, be president? I’d like to believe, but I don’t see it. Reagan had irrational hate aimed at him. This is roughly triple that.

6. Policy wise, I like her Reagan-esque schtick but I still have concerns of her playing populist.

7. I think Megan McCardle sums it up nicely. Though I like Palin more than she does, I think she’s got it about right.

8. I admit it. I think she’s hot.