The single greatest problem with climate alarmist is that they have no shame with regards to their hyperbole. I could take pleasure in the circular firing squad of euro-lefties griping about Obama, but that’s not really what I’m here for. Its this:

Although Bush once said that America is overly dependent on oil, he never got beyond that insight. He was too busy waging war on Iraq and searching for a legal basis for extraordinary renditions to pay much attention to the real threat facing humanity. “Forget the climate” seems to have been Bush’s unofficial motto.

Let’s leave aside for a moment the policy intelligence of our endeavors in Afghanistan and Iraq (and the much smaller actions with regards to other officially Muslim tyrannies) and just look at the term of a “real threat.” Let’s see: 3,000 dead on September 11th, 2001. 240 dead in Bali in 2002. 191 Dead in Madrid in 2004. 56 dead in London in 2005. Numerous arrests that thwarted attacks in the US and Europe (and in Europe, they don’t stress about wiretapping). Iran, a terror supporting state, building nukes. Pakistan, a state that is hard to describe in a couple of words, has nukes and has a big swath of territory it doesn’t control that is supporting the Taliban. Yes, the same Taliban that aided and abetted Osama bin Laden. And even if you didn’t count a democratic Iraq as a component of the war on terror, Iraq had attacked two of its neighbors unprovoked, used weapons of mass destruction on its own citizen, all the while¬† financing terrorists in Israel. But Saddam’s Iraq wasn’t a “real” threat.

“Climate Change” continues to thwart the computer models and even the worst predictions put a few nice cities under water…In a 100 years. Giving people plenty of time to move to Kansas. I’ve driven across Kansas. It has plenty of room. Ah yes, man made global warming will cause famine and water shortages, supposedly. This from the same people who incorrectly the predicted mass starvation that was supposed to occur before the end of the last century. This also from the same people who did not predict the stagnation of the warming over the last several years. The same people who predicted that Katrina was only the first of many awful global warming induced hurricane seasons that would be upon us (pay no attention that we’ve had a couple of the quietest hurricane seasons ever recorded since then.)

But its climate change that is the “REAL” threat. Yep, that’s going to get me to take you seriously. Remember the good ol’ days when being environmentalist meant wanting to recycle and conserve? But now we need international big brothers to force us to be poorer. All the while, we try our damnedest to ignore the folks misusing their religion to justify killing us.