I was once a stalwart internationalist. I’m still a hard core free trader and in fact, I think free trade and globalization (properly understood) are great things for humanity’s prosperity and freedom. That said, I am no longer all aflutter over the idea of international treaties on anything other than trade. They quite frankly freak me out. I wish I could attribute this to simple crotchety paranoia. While I loath Pat Buchanan with the essence of my being, his concerns about a New World Order seem…I can’t bare to say it…but…they seem sort of prescient. Because, those in power keep giving people like him great material. I have often said that the European Union is basically what you would get if university professors ran the government (note: I’m talking about the EU specifically, not Europe in general). Heck, if you watch the linked video, I think they may have just “elected” a president who looks like your crazy physics professor (say this much for Tony Blair, he would have had something resembling charisma). Anyway, I’m not here to make fun of how Euro Big Cheese Van Rompuy looks (though, I guess I just did). I’m here to comment on how he talks of global governance and management as if that is a feature, not a bug.

First, he practices a little Gorean Alarmism. At the 1:39 mark he speaks of tackling the “climate crisis which threatens our very survival.“  Really? Our VERY SURVIVAL? The worst case scenarios I’ve seen say that some of our nice coastal cities may be a foot or two under water. This assumes you trust that we’ll hit the stated UPPER range of the computer models that have yet to accurately predict anything of value.  Given that this will be a gradual rise, people will move inland, or more likely, they’ll figure out how to build a bigger better New Orleans or Venice. Oh yeah, Venice, a city that seems to have managed quite well with all that water. Now I’m a skeptic in that I wouldn’t bet my livelihood on the accuracy of those predictions which managed to miss out on the current flat lining of the warming (and the environmentalist crowd have a very poor track record in the last 50 years on predicting doom). But even if I believe it, the scientist who are alarmist (as opposed to the fear mongering politicians and celebrities) don’t predict anything that threatens “the very survival of humanity.” They predict crises in resource management and quality of life and even starvation in some places. Its no picnic to be sure, but humanity has overcome much worse in its history and usually thrived once things normalize. Again, just so we’re clear I don’t actually believe any of that will come to be, I’m just saying that if I take the alarmist scientists at their word, THEY don’t predict the catastrophe that the world leaders seem to be trying to use as an excuse to make us poorer (apparently as a way to get ahead of the curve of said climate caused poverty).

Then he says “2009 is the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis”. He says this like its a good thing. Only an unelected, barely accountable group of international finance ministers and their political bosses can get us out of said crisis. Never let a crisis go to waste, I suppose. And please pay no attention to the international regimes many of these same guys put into place that created false promises of security and artificial bubbles that were precursors to the current crisis.

He goes on: “The Climate Conference in Copenhagen is another step towards global management of our planet.” This, according to Mega-Euro-Man-With-Bad-Hair (oops, I promised I wouldn’t) is progress. Sure, I want Brussels based, or New York based, or Geneva based international chiefs five positions removed from any elected official “managing our planet.” When all these people talk so highly about diversity, I really wish “diversity in governance” was also part of the equation. I like that the federal government doesn’t have total management (yet) of our country’s economy and resources. I like it even better that the laws in Georgia are different than those in Florida. It gives me options on where to live.

Have we become so insecure in ourselves here in the western world? Are we that insecure in our individual ability to live life and pursue happiness, as even when we struggle to pay bills, we still maintain the highest standard of living in human history? Do we actually want to let unelected “elected” leaders “manage our planet?” Considering how the need for such management is touted as a way to counter runaway capitalism, consumption and the general lack of responsibility by the common plebes, raise your hand if you think global governance will:

A) Be accountable to any meaningful electorate

B) Will have anything resembling the checks and balances that we have built into our constitution that the transnationalist generally abhor

C) Will not see a one size fits all approach to said global governance

D) Will be free of corruption that would put Jack Abramoff to shame

E) Will benefit individual freedom

This is not paranoia. I don’t doubt that these people genuinely believe they want to help others. I also don’t doubt, however, that they think they are smarter than you or I and we should feel blessed to have such enlightened folk at the planetary helm.

We should be thankful that Mr. van Rompuy has been honest. We know that Obama is sympathetic to such like minded folk. But, I’d be the crazy conspiracy theorist f I simply note that these transnationalists do not have sympathy towards individual freedom. They have been quite forthright about this when you choose to open your ears. I must admit, however, that I’m afraid to open my eyes. I fear seeing a black helicopter with the blue European flag beside the Obama “O” emblazoned on the side.