clearly does not wish for anything to change the narrative. Search on “East Anglia” or “Climate Research Unit” and you’ll get two relevant links. One on the initial coverage of the hacked e-mails scandal and another article on how the CRU has more “proof” that polar warming is the cause of man (rather unfortunately timed just three weeks before the ClimateGate scandal broke). The story on the hacked e-mails basically gave the members of CRU a chance to reply that that there was nothing to see here, move along. And apparently CNN did just that.

Search on “Copenhagen”, however, and several pages of articles have been written (since the ClimateGate scandal broke) about the upcoming “climate change” conference where they’ll discuss how to create an international regime that will solve the problem predicted by problematic computer models based on science produced by scientists of questionable character. Search, in vain, at any caveats or “equal time” regarding the ClimateGate scandal when CNN discusses the upcoming conference.

An aside: My favorite link was entitled “Women ‘bearing brunt’ of climate change.” It reminded me of the old joke regarding the New York Times and their…um…slant. If the world ended the headline would be “World Ends; Women and Minorities Hit the Hardest.”