Regarding the failed Christmas Day terror attempt:

1. Making flying an even crappier experience makes the government appear to be “doing something.”

2. As usual, these measures won’t accomplish anything against the guilty.

3. It’ll require luck and vigilance to prevent future attacks, just as it prevented this one.

4. Closing Guantanamo seems like a pretty bad idea since it’ll require A) finding a place for its prisoners inside the U.S. or B) releasing them to another country. Option A sucks but Option B appears to be a truly bad idea.

5. The powers that be will continue to fight the last war instead of preventing future wars. This, of course, was the big goal behind Iraq. Liberate them and make them democratic and (in theory) prosperous and they would be less likely to trying to kill us. But, since the current powers and the entire media have pushed the “Iraq is a failure and proof that the U.S. hates Muslims” meme (despite evidence to prove otherwise), this big idea lacks any commitment. Moreoever, the idea poverty breeds terrorism is easily disproved by now. It seems prosperity + western hating multiculturalism could actually be a culprit.

6. So, we are stuck being reactionary and making our lives that much more inconvenient but not noticeably more secure.

That laughter you hear is coming from the sands of Yemen.