Yes, if he’d be the 41st vote against health care “reform”, then I’m all for him. But, reading this report, makes it sound like would be Senator Scott Brown is iffy the issue of tax cuts. He hammers his opponent on being a tax raiser and that’s all fine and good. But apparently he can’t answer clearly on whether or not he’d maintain the Bush tax cuts.

“The whole Bush (and Vice President Dick) Cheney referrals all the time, that’s old. That joke’s old,” Brown said, later needling Coakley for trying to brush off the tax issue.

“There is no one in the audience who thinks Martha is a tax cutter,” Brown said.

Coakley later cornered Brown on his stance on former President Bush’s tax cuts, telling him to answer “yes or no” as to whether he would maintain the current cuts.

“It’s not a yes or no answer, and I’m not going to play a yes or no game,” Brown said.

“If you’re not going to say yes or no, then I don’t want to hear your answer. Thanks,” Coakley said.

I hope his hesitence is with the “Bush” part of the question and not the “tax cuts” part. He clearly doesn’t want to be associated with Bush and I can appreciate that in Massachusetts or anywhere else. I only wish it was for the right reasons. Bush was a big government “conservative.” He had conservative sensibilities to be sure but he wasn’t exactly a conservative rock in the way he governed. Hell, he governed like an incompetent northeastern Republican in his 2nd term (General Petreus is the main reason term #2 wasn’t a complete disaster). I’d say any Republican who feels the need to throw Bush under the bus should be free to do so, as long as its for the right reasons. If we are going to get another “moderate” northeastern Republican whose moderation always results in bigger government then consider me decidedly mixed on Mr. Brown.