I professed early in the ‘08 campaign that John Edwards was my least favorite presidential candidate, possibly of my lifetime. I hated his obvious phonyness. I hated his obvious arrogance. He was the worst stereotype of an ambulance chaser and every speech I heard from him sounded like he was trying to convince a jury that he truly “cared” about some injustice towards his client. His two America’s speech was utter horseshit since he’d made a fortune off of suing people and lived like an unrepentant king. Moreover, he was personally responsible for actually driving up health care costs. John Edwards played a role in the increase in the C-section rate and on OB/GYN doctors having crazy high insurance costs.

I didn’t really have a beef with his wife but it struck me that he was clearly trying to get sympathy votes with her cancer. Mickey Kaus was on the Saint Elizabeth patrol very early on and so I started to buy into the idea that Mrs. Edwards was a con artist just like her husband thanks largely to Kaus’ invaluable punditry

That John Edwards and John Kerry, two Senators who’d accomplished remarkably little in their time in D.C., were on the same ticket for the Democrats really told you how low the talent pool had gotten in 2004. Both men were insufferably fond of themselves and their professed importance to the country.

We know now that Edwards was a philanderer and likely fathered a child with a woman other than his wife. We also know that the main stream media completely ignored all the evidence of this. The book, Game Change, is making the rounds right now with regular links from Drudge. It has some juicy stuff on the campaign, everything from Bill Clinton looking down his nose at Obama, to Palin’s adventures in vice presidential debates and I’m sure lots of typical campaign fodder. But, I just read the excerpt on John Edwards and I must say I’d love to see the movie version. Much like I enjoy seeing a sports team I dislike go down in flames, I’d certainly love to see the story of how John Edwards bought into his own press and also fooled around with a seemingly New Age ditz while cheating on his cancer stricken wife, a wife that the entire staff hated.

The reason its so criminal that the main stream media ignored the story (being reported by the Enquirer with some pretty amazing evidence) is that they probably got on their high horse about how politician’s personal lives don’t matter. Well, if they have a (D) after their name anyway. But Edwards’ loyalty to his sick wife was one of the cornerstones of his campaign. If that turns out to be a blatant lie, that’s news is it not?

Anyway, read the whole tawdry excerpt. I’d really love to see the movie. I’m thinking Julie Roberts nails to role of the mistress. Color Tom Cruises hair blonde and I know he knocks Edwards out of the park. Cruise and Edwards seem like two sides of the same coin anyway.