Suddenly, we have to consider the possibility that Virginia (Obama won by 6 pts) and New Jersey (Obama by 15) are racist. Yeah, yeah, Obama’s administration had nothing to do with the vote. They had local issues, yada yada. This means nothing. The president is still very popular (and we shall mention nothing about what polls say about his individual policies).

UPDATE: In case you think its unfair that Obama’s policies are judged on the basis of state elections, look at this:

For example, in Virginia, the second most important issue that was reported in the exit polls was health care. Now, you didn’t have a debate about state health care. It was about national health care, because Virginia is in the D.C. media market, so all this debate spills over.

About a quarter of the [Virginia] electorate had [health care] as the most important issue. So it clearly affected this election. It was, in many ways, a national election.