My favorite Democrat, Mickey Kaus shows that liberal (and centrist realist) conventional wisdom is so strong that it infects even centrists with great BS detectors like Kaus:

Hegghammer soon retreats to the near-inarguable point that resolving the Palestinian issue would “likely” reduce recruitment [of terrorists to jihadist movements].

(Bold is me)

OK, I suppose that is a fair point as far as it goes, but it misses the obvious question: how do you define ‘resolving”. The Islamists see the resolution as the destruction of Israel. Nothing short of that will be worthy. Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and that bought them exactly zero credit in the international community, particularly the Arab community. There has been relatively little Israeli / West Bank violence over the last 5 years (largely thanks to the wall and the death of Arafat). And yet, Israel is as big a bad guy as ever and getting worse thanks to our president’s treatment of it. So, recruitment will not go down on the Palestinian question, assuming that is a primary recruitment tool (I have my doubts on that), until Israel is destroyed. And if they succeed in THAT, I’d even bet that will INCREASE recruitment as that result will demonstrate their power.

Kaus is dead wrong here. Still, I’m rooting for him in his bid to unseat Boxer.