Lou Dobbs wants to rub elbows with the Tea Partiers.

But Lou Dobbs is a protectionist. Always has been. Its one thing to want to control the borders and prevent illegal immigration, which Dobbs is full bore supporter of. I am too. But I’m not sure Dobbs differentiates between illegal and legal immigration. Moreover, the other component of many anti-immigration folks is that they are also protectionist. They want to keep out legally distributed foreign goods just as much as they want to keep out illegal immigration. Protectionism is a form of intervention in the economy. It lowers competition and artificially inflates prices. It is a form of regulation where the government is trying to pick winners (domestic companies who otherwise do not wish to compete) and losers (foreign companies wishing to compete). And it hurts consumers.

And Lou Dobbs is a protectionist. Dobbs is not a friend of the Tea Party. Don’t let him fool you.