So, I’m starting this little blog with the hopes that I get readers. That’s a surprise, I know.

I also need to have a place to store my thoughts and my opinions.

I want to be in the mix of the discussion.

Most importantly, I want to be able to post a thought or twelve without being restricted to the character limit on Facebook. Yes, I am on that demented site. And yes, I’m the guy who spams my friends with comments about Obama and links to articles that say what I wish I would have said if I had more than the Facebook character limit. Speaking of, I’m really surprised this CNN article on the 12 most annoying Facebookers didn’t include a “Dennis Miller Wannabe” category. I would have totally nailed that one. But I digress.

Basically, I want to fight against the Democratic Media and Academic Establishment that controls the narrative; a narrative that does not match present reality or history.

Most of the good weblogs I’ve been following over the years have acted as a check against this establishment, particularly in what news is covered and how. They’ve had some success but it seems to have only emboldened those in power. Whether it’s the Fairness Doctrine, new FCC rules, or FTC rules, or McCarthyte “wars” on a cable network that doesn’t toe the Chicago line, the establishment, the politicians and their media allies, don’t seem particularly worried about embracing their bias that we all knew they had anyway, and playing there zero sum game in the hopes of creating that permanent majority. They are doubling down and they wish to marginalize anyone who would get in their way. Being a conservative or a right winger is being treated as a mental disease, one that is rotten with racism among other sinister motives.

Well, I’ll see if I can at least give my own circle of friends and acquaintances a peak into the alternate reality where arguing for small government, low taxes, low regulation, property and individual rights isn’t some lunatic fringe, but one that sort of has a history in this country that goes back beyond 1776.

I hope the experience is fruitful.