Ann Althouse has a pretty reasonable take on the attack at Ft. Hood.

A better man would not try to score political points off such an awful tragedy but I am having a real hard time not blaming this on the likes of Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, and pretty much everyone in Hollywood. For starters. They have spent years making the war in Iraq out to be nothing but one big anti-muslim orgasm by Hitler clones. Never mind that the US brought real pluralistic democracy to the Arab world for the first time (outside of Israel). Never mind that a ruthless dictator who killed far more Muslims than U.S. has was removed from power and eventually brought to justice.  Never mind that the significant actions by the US military since the cold war ended were on behalf of Muslims (Gulf War I, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq). The media hasn’t portrayed much nuance on the issue. Very little of the “Bush means well, but its a bad idea” line of attack that was perfectly reasonable (the jury is still out on this whole half-hearted nation building approach we’ve undertaken). No, it was all about oil even though this Democratic Congress or the hostile media has not been able to trace any oil profits into the Bush/Cheney coffers.

Look, Hillary Clinton blamed Rush Limbaugh for what happened to Mathew Sheppard. Talking heads at MSNBC tried to ascribe the worst possible motivations of the tea party movement (racists!) without bothering to ask them what the hell they stood for. Hell, Michael Moore and President Obama’s own “Green Czar” figured Bush was IN ON 9/11. All the while Muslims have been continually told that they should worry about the redneck backlash that has yet to ever occur. But, that’s more of the same. The Tea Party is viewed as a bunch of racist and intolerant knuckle draggers worthy of off color jokes. These are not merely fringe beliefs but ideas that are aired regularly in the mainstream media. Is there any reason to believe someone who already believes that Muslims must kill the infidel aggressors and that suicide bombers are as noble as the soldier who falls on a hand grenade, might actually feel perfectly justified in those beliefs since its not particularly far off from the storyline pushed by the media elite?

OK, no I’m not really blaming the aforementioned Hollywood scumbags for the murders at Ft. Hood. I’m a libertarian and believe that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions. Still, when the inevitable redneck nut job commits a horrendous crime, is it too much to wish that people on the left will play the “let all the facts come out” game instead of figuring out how to blame their political opponents for it? I’m not hopeful.