As I have said to anyone who would listen, the problem with President Obama is that his world view is straight out of the Harvard humanities department bubble. In his world, there was nothing paritcularly scary about communism (witness the softening of Cuban policy and his apparent siding with the Hugo Chavez clone in Honduras). In his world, the country he now governs was largely the biggest reason for the world’s problems during his lifetime, up until the point he became president. In his world, the battle against communism was a right wing fantasy. In his view, the U.S. is not a beacon of freedom but a nation in need of offering apologies.

So, when he was running for president, he took a high profile trip to Germany to show “the world” that he was not like all the others. And his speech was actually compared to Reagan and Kennedy’s stirring anti-Soviet speeches in defense of basic human freedoms. Well, Germany is getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, an event that would not have happened without constant American support of Eastern European liberty and our somewhat consistent refusal to compromise the basic ideas that the Cold War were all about. Naturally, Germany invited the American president to participate.

Sorry, he can’t be bothered. A black man who should appreciate the removal of an oppressive force views Germany as nothing more than a campaign spot and that whole Berlin Wall thing as some local issue.

OK, so he lacks a basic understanding of this momentus occasion, but moreover he’s also politically stupid. If he wanted to seem presidential, instead of petty and partisan, he could have owned this. He also would have scored some points with his nemisises on talk radio and Fox News as they would have inevitably over griped about whatever he said over there. Moreover, if he were REALLY smart, he would have stopped in California on the way to pick up Nancy Reagan as his guest. But, nope, this never occured to him or his handlers. Again, can’t be bothered. But, don’t worry Germany. Obama’s re-election campaign will kick off in just a few years. He’ll see you then.