White House staffer Anita Dunn accuses Fox News of being an arm of the GOP and basically goes full bore with the White House strategy to warn liberals to simply avoid the network altogether. The White House even says that Fox isn’t a real news organization.

Well, Fox News did highlight the ACORN scandals (go over to BigGovernment.com and read all about them) while the other news organizations tried to ignore the story as long as they could. ACORN, you see, is a very important part of the Democratic Party’s activism ecosystem. As a response, ACORN launches an internal investigation to be led by John Podesta. Who is that? Well, he also heads up Center for American Progress which is the parent of Media Matters, a “media watch dog” even though the only media they watch is the conservative media. That’s the only bias they care about. People from the Center for American Progress and Media Matters are regular talking heads on news shows. And now Media Matters is sending out a memo recommending people to avoid dealing with Fox. They hope to starve the beast of any balanced reporting. Remove the liberals who DO appear on the channel and your claims that Fox are in the tank of the GOP will be that much more plausible. Of course, there would be high hell to pay if conservatives started boycotting CNN and such. They’d be labeled as “scared of a little criticism” or “cowards” or “obsessively controlling how their message gets out” or something. But, if liberals do it, they are fighting for truth, justice and quality journalism. To be liberal is to be free of criticism.  Its the unspoken secular version of those Christian bumper stickers that say “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.”

So, to review. President Obama and Democratic party has a history of ties to ACORN, an outfit that gets federal funding and was to be part of the Census work in 2010 WHILE being investigated for voter fraud in multiple states. Fox News highlights a scandal that should have been front page news everywhere, but was ignored. This makes Fox partisan. The news organizations that ignored it were not partisan at all. Nope. So, ACORN launches an “internal investigation” and puts John Podesta in charge. Podesta’s outfit, Media Matters sends out a memo to avoid Fox News. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that this ACORN investigation is not aimed at finding our why multiple offices willingly gave tax advice to a pimp and prostitute planning to import foreign teenage girls to a brothel. Its aimed at investigating the investigators: the guys at BigGovernment and Fox News who aired it. There must be some price to pay for bringing down a vital activist organ of the Democratic Party.

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