Robert Gibbs, in response to the DC tea party protests against health care: “Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler.” Marie Katherine Hamm provides a public service and shows Mr. Gibbs that, much like the lyrics to the song Imagine, we really don’t have to imagine much at all since reality was ahead of the curve. Save the link for your one stop shop of BushHitler photos as people try to act like associating the president with Hitler is a new phenomenon.

An aside: I don’t think its particularly helpful to protesters to compare Obama to Hitler. Obama is, at the very least, a soft-core marxist (and I defy someone to prove differently) and accusations of “socialist” are certainly acceptable. I know that socialism and fascism were simply two sides of the same coin and not opposites as we were falsely taught in poli-sci classes. And yes, there are actions by the Obama administration that would have caused Olbermann’s head to explode with Hitler comparisons if they were done by the previous president. I get all that. So, then compare him to Mussolini (who moved seemlessly from socialist to fascist) and I think the comparison would be more apt. When he’s compared to Nazi’s or Hitler, you can’t help but bring up the Holocaust and no matter what I think of the President’s desire for power, I do not, for a moment believe that he deserves to be tainted with Hitler, which is more than simply an idealogical comparison. You’re associating mass murder and that detracts from, rather than adds to the argument.