The “cause” of the Ft. Hood massacre has been blamed on post tramatic stress disorder and fundamentalist Islam, or as I believe, old fashioned political correctness. But, I guess, we should have figured that “guns” would eventually be blamed. Chicago’s Mayor takes a spin at this line of attack (hat tip: the professor). If only we kept the guns out of military bases, massacres such as this would never happen. Of course, what guns were supposed to be at Ft. Hood were locked up. Its possible that if more people were armed, the casualty count would be lower. But, nope, if only we’d get rid of America’s love of guns, especially at our military bases (boot camp should be about strongly worded letters, I suppose), then such issues wouldn’t happen. Sure. Give it a try.

Or maybe we can simply get rid of soldiers who believe Muslims are justified in prioritizing Muslim enemies above the service to their country. If that makes you feel too judgemental, then perhaps we can agree that trying to contact Al Quaeda is a line one shouldn’t cross. Its an idea.