Thanks for stopping by the home of the Dude with his keyboard.

This is not my first attempt at blogging, but I hope that it will be a long lasting place for me to post my opinions, start discussions, and hopefully get people thinking a little differently about the worldview they are fed by our modern institutions.

I work in IT, have done a fair amount of world travel in my day job. Its a fairly lucrative endeavor and I hope to keep my professional persona intact, even while I delve into touchy subjects that may or may not offend people’s sensibilities. As such, I’m going to attempt a psuedo anonymity on this page. I won’t be trying THAT hard to keep it that way, but I do want to have my name and this site at least somewhat disconnected for my employer, would be future employers and any potential international visa administrators who perform checks before allowing people in their country. We’ll see how that works out.

My philosophy towards issue oriented debates is that we are all adults and should be able to take some hits when discussing things as long as we can all have a beer afterward and be friends. And if not, well, I’ll still have a beer.

Basically, I’m a libertarian and a federalist, with a dash of neocon thrown in to mix things up. I vote Republican, but rarely with any enthusiasm. I just don’t see how any libertarian can vote Democrat or thinks that the national Libertarian party has any chance in hell of governing. This is a topic I’ll expound on repeatedly I’m sure.

Comment Policy: I’ll selectively enable comments after I feel I have a good handle on spam control. This is one of the primary reasons I stopped blogging in the past. I like a good debate just as much as I like to spout my opinions. Its no fun if its in a void. That said, I’ll allow a pretty free flowing and boundary challenging discussion. But, I may delete comments when I feel they have crossed the line into needless insult of a very personal nature. I will not allow threats of any kind.

On issues like racism and ethnic bashing, I’ll take a wait and see approach. One of my biggest problems with advocates of hate speech law is that they miss one of the real benefits of our first amendment. As Jefferson said, popular speech doesn’t need to be protected. Racism, one hopes is not popular, but one of the benefits of letting the bigots speak their mind is that you know who the bigots are. This is a feature, not a bug. Again, I’ll give a lot of leeway on the discussion. But, threats are not allowed and personal accusations that add nothing to the topic at hand will also be on the firing line (or deletion line, as it were).

So, let’s have some fun with this. I will use it to vent, to argue, to debate, and hopefully change minds. For my future commenters, I hope you approach things the same way and hopefully you’ll change my mind at times as well.

Let’s do this.